Lightweightform is an open source web framework that simplifies the development of demanding web forms. It provides developers a set of libraries and resources that alleviate the burden associated with demanding form programming.

Built by a team of devoted software engineers at Opensoft, the project welcomes other developers to contribute with resources and improve the overall project.

When we started to work on Lightweightform we quickly felt the challenges involved were shared by other developers and thought that with more contributions, sharing it with the world could bring value to everyone !

Why we created Lightweightform?

It all started with a challenge:

  • Let’s build demanding forms like single page apps?
  • Let’s validate and collect lot’s of data from million users?

With these concerns in mind, we started to work in a framework and packed the result in a powerful solution to build demanding forms in a fast and easy way.

Lightweightform framework is built using AngularJS, Kotlin and ECMAScript 6. It also uses Node JS, Webpack  in the build process, Karma and Jasmine for testing.