Use our templates to quickly create your complex web forms. Using the provided components and examples, it is possible to create a complex Web form or a single page application in a few minutes and with fewer lines of code.




All forms are completely customizable. Lightweightform provides Agile development features, including ready-made components (Input Fields, Tables, Modal Forms, Tabs) which can be combined to skins for a great visual appearance.


Cross Platform

Lightweightform makes it easy to create forms that can run on any system and device (desktop or mobile). The forms created will always have a great looking and will scale to all screen size, since our framework creates responsive forms.


Enhanced User Experience

A complex form can be unattractive for users, so Lightweightform helps you create forms easy to use and navigate. Our framework enables forms with context-sensitive help, scalable, displaying inline validation errors and always with great appearance, even when you need a thousand fields.


Open Source

Lightweightform is an open source framework, free to use and modify. You can use it to create non-commercial and commercial web forms. Lightweightform’s team guarantees that our framework can always be a trustworthy solution for your needs.