How to Become a Better Developer

Are you trying to become a better developer but don’t know how you could improve? You will always have to find out what works best for you. However we will give you 6 tips to consider!

1. Want more than just a working code

You should be willing to work harder and develop more than just a code that works. That is the starting point, but try to see it as an opportunity for improvement. Be ambitious and curious. Think to yourself “What can I do to improve this?”, “Will it work everywhere?”. That is where the challenge begins and how you will get better in the long-run. Not by doing what you already know over and over again.

2. Write thinking about others and the future

A good developer has accessibility in mind. Don’t make your code just to work for you, but to be accessible in different contexts. Make sure it works correctly and is readable for any developer. Trying to write it in a way anyone can understand, will make your life easier in the future when you want to use it again and don’t remember exactly what you meant. It will promote longer use of your code and save time-solving potential problems. One way to achieve this is to use coding standards.

3. Contribute to open-source platforms

Contributing to open-source platforms is a very productive learning experience for two reasons: you will practice and receive feedback on your code and also review other people’s work. The communities in open-source platforms are always very responsive and it can be very helpful to teach what you know. You will improve by sharing your work and assisting fellow developers.

4. Be involved in other projects and hobbies

Practicing outside of work and handling different projects at the same will make you more productive. When you are too focused on just one thing, it becomes very hard to think outside of the box. If you have other things going on in your life, you will develop different skills and discover new interests. So, try to find the time for side projects and activities. You are your own boss there!

5. Know your value

Know your value and don’t believe in everything others say. Being an active listener will make you learn a lot. But don’t think others are always right and you are always wrong. You should have in mind what your colleagues say, but don’t be afraid to contradict them when you have a different opinion. Engaging in productive discussions will benefit everyone. If you have come this far is because you know something and your opinions are valid too.

6. Connect with the right people

As in any other profession, the people around us can impact the way we see things. Connect and surround yourself with the right people. Follow accounts on social media that you believe will have a positive influence on your life, personal or professional. Also, keep yourself up to date with the developments of the industry and build a solid network. Cultivating relationships is an ongoing process and new opportunities arise every day. Look out for them! Enhancing your communication skills will benefit you in many ways.

Did you enjoy reading these tips? If you have anything else that helps you become a better developer, share it with us!

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