Hello world, I am Lightweightform

Lightweightform is an open-source framework to build demanding forms created by the Opensoft team. This is not a one man’s project, there’s a professional team dedicated and passionate to create an awesome framework. Furthermore, we have already developed several projects using this framework (one of the projects is even using Lightweightform to collect data from millions of users).


What’s so special about Lightweightform?


– Build complex forms with less effort;

– Easily create responsive forms (desktop, tablet, mobile);

– No need to write client-side and server-side code;

– Test your form logic s with automated tests;

– Easy to learn;

– Created by developers for developers;

– Open source, always available and free.


Get Started


We are still improving Lightweightform and soon we will add more features. Still, you can use it to build complex and cross-platform forms and probably it will be easier and faster than with any other framework available today. In our site, you will find some docs to help you get started. We hope you will try it out!


Over to you!


Your feedback is essential and helpful. Since Lightweightform is open source, the feedback from the users will improve our framework. Drop us a line or search us on Github so we can enhance Lightweightform together.



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