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What’s new in Lightweightform 4.0

We are thrilled to announce the release of Lightweightform 4.0! Now, let’s go into detail of all the improvements and features! Say hello to Angular! Bye, bye AngularJS, Lightweight now uses Angular. The adoption of this platform was the core transformation in the 4.0 version. Angular is faster and lighter, thus Lightweigthtform has now a…

Team Nêmesis Application

Ligthweightform used in a student project

Students from ISCTE – University Institute of Lisbon are using Lightweightform in their project Nêmesis – Decision Support and Optimization Software. Lightweightform team organized a workshop showcasing our framework during last FISTA edition in ISCTE where several students had the first contact with Lightweightform. After the workshop, a group of students (Catarina Carriço, Rodolfo Arnaldo,…